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"Jordan takes Piano lessons with Onur and the whole experience is absolutely fantastic! She loves it! She’s learning a ton and Onur as such a wonderful teacher. Really amazing overall!"
Amanda Brush
"We have guitar & percussion lessons here each week. Both instructors are great with my teenagers and Okemos Music Academy is easy to work with for scheduling, cancellations, and payments. My kids both look forward to their lessons & are progressing on their instruments."
Shana Killips
"My son started drum lessons and loves it! This studio provides great communication and customer service and the instructor is a friendly and knowledgeable musician."
Allison Beckman
"Great communication. Easy scheduling. My daughter enjoys her lessons."
April Yuki
"Okemos Music Academy is great! I take lessons with Jim and I learn something new and feel like I walk out a better player each week! They’re very friendly, flexible and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone looking to take lessons!"
Mike Haranda
"Our boys have been taking lessons at Okemos Music Academy for nearly two years. We have experienced several teachers and have had great experiences over all! We love the community involvement!"
Christina Engman
"Thank you for your support with my son. He loves piano lessons!"
Lela Watkins
"My kids weren't interested in music! But due to homeschooling and quarantine! They needed something else to keep them busy!!!! Micah plays violin and Louisa the clarinet!!! They love their teachers and the staff goes above and beyond! I'm even thinking of taking classes myself!!!! They have remote lessons and now give in person music lessons!!! Thank you Okemos Music Academy!!!!!"
Rhonda Stevens
“Each of my three kids have taken lessons at Okemos Music Academy. They love going to lessons. The teachers are upbeat, knowledgeable, and wonderful with my children. They make lessons fun and challenging, and I appreciate the help making music a part of my house. There’s nothing more wonderful than the sound of my own kids making music on their instruments! I hear their progress and smile.”
Lisa Weise
“Although I was busy with my electronic device outside my daughter's studio, I was certainly able to hear how the lesson went. That wasn't my intention, but it was an added bonus. I would just like to commend Okemos Music Academy on my daughter's teacher on his enthusiasm and teaching. I feel that even I learned from his lesson, although I am not even a musician. He did an excellent job and provided excellent and appropriate feedback. His enthusiasm was also commendable and helpful. I was very impressed with his teaching. (I teach at LCC, so I can't help but to pay attention to the methodology used when a kid is being instructed.) I was just very impressed by Okemos Music Academy!"
Daira Moruss
“My three children wanted to play different instruments and with all the choices at Okemos Music Academy, it was very easy for us to choose a lesson time to fit our busy schedule. The teachers have always been very positive and encouraging to all of my children!”
Alyse Sandborn
East Lansing
“I appreciate my instructor. He is knowledgable, friendly and extremely patient. It is unbelievable that I have been taking lessons for only 1 year. He is always excited about my progress. He encourages me and is very consistent in his method of teaching. He is great! If I cannot figure out my lesson he always has a way to help me understand. I also appreciate the professionalism of the staff in the office. When I call with questions they are always helpful and courteous. This is the place to be!”
Phyllis Scott
“I come to Okemos Music Academy because playing guitar makes me really relaxed and happy. I enjoy playing music because it opens a whole new world of opportunities and wonders for me.”
Lola Mull
“My daughter enjoys her lessons and her teacher. She practices a lot at home, and is making good progress!”
Jianliang Qian
East Lansing
“Okemos Music Academy has a great academy with a great mission statement. The instructors there guide the students through their musical education but also encourage the students to add their own creative input on their curriculum, making the lessons fun, something to look forward to every week. This is really noticeable during their numerous recitals where you see students of all ages and talents playing many different instruments and styles from several genres. If you or someone close to you is looking for a place to take lessons, I strongly suggest coming here.”
Derrick Jones II
“We are so grateful to be apart of Okemos Music Academy Family. Music is a gift and the family at the Academy has shared their gift many ways; lessons, recitals, music instruments/tools to learn. They make us feel more than welcome. The String Repair staff even offered their craft after the power outage this winter, at no cost during certain hours. Okemos Music Academy is more than just lessons, they are an extension to our family. Thank you Okemos Music Academy & John for encouraging and showing my son how important music is in life. Hudson Family.”
Jiman Simmons
“Friendly environment and excellent teachers!”
Sarah Patterson
“I really like Okemos Music Academy because the teachers are super nice, and I am constantly learning new things about my instrument”
Rachel Nimtz
“I love Okemos Music Academy. I have never played an instrument before this. I called the office and they immediately lead me in the right direction. In one day I had lessons set up and an instrument. My teacher has been an excellent instructor and is very encouraging. I feel I am well on my way to becoming the fiddler I have always wanted to be. I would recommend this academy to anyone interested in music”
Dana Gavrilides
“Okemos Music Academy is great! It provides a great musical education to kids, and I learned a lot!”
Andrew Victora
“I’ve been looking for ukulele lessons for my son and I’m so glad that I found Okemos Music Academy. You have been so flexible and helpful. Thank you so much!"
Elizabeth Rasmussen
"Everyone is friendly and welcoming. The registration process is easy and someone is always willing to answer questions. At first meeting OMA feels like a great fit!"
Kat Johnson
"Love the staff, and the building is gorgeous. Great place to learn a new instrument, no matter the age!"
Tasia Bass
"My daughter LOVED her first lesson! She had a huge smile leaving and immediately starting practicing the new things she learned. As a parent, I am VERY impressed with how this academy is run, including your social media management, the use of email and texts for communication, the timelines and thoroughness of communication, and the people. So excited to be starting this journey with Okemos Music Academy!"
Christie Langeland
"The staff is great! The office is great! Flexible, affordable, friendly! Just started bringing my daughter here for a couple of different lessons and we will be here for a long time! I definitely recommend!"
Kyli Lone
East Lansing
“Great instructors. My son takes lessons from them and can’t wait for the next time! He has made huge improvements. Thank you!”
Tom Conway
“From the first day our daughters became students at Okemos Music Academy, we’ve been extremely impressed with the professionalism and dedication of all of the instructors. Both of our daughters have made great strides. We are truly fortunate to have found a music school that is so encouraging and that our daughters LOVE!”
Ellie & Travis Wong
“My daughter’s teacher’s knowledge of music and her musical talent are boundless. Adding to that, her ability to place a student at ease, her variety within lessons, her understandable instructions, her welcome encouragement, makes the Okemos Music Academy a most outstanding school.”
Jennifer Smith
“This is our first year at Okemos Music Academy. The music academy’s campus is absolutely beautiful with a real artsy flare, and help at front desk goes unmatched. My 10 year old son takes violin here. He really enjoys his teacher and the atmosphere as well. Just recently, he experienced his first concert at the Academy. It was a fabulous experience for him with a variety of skill levels and talent from all ages. Later we received a card in the mail with a hand written congratulatory note complimenting his performance. In the card was a close up picture of him playing his violin on the stage. What a nice touch from an already professional music academy. Thanks for keeping music a positive playing experience for my son.”
Joann Victora
“Started violin lessons for our 6 year old daughter about 3 months ago and she has blossomed so much over the course of her lessons. Her teacher is patient and encouraging and even convinced my very, very shy daughter (who hates being in the spotlight) to perform at the winter recital. Not only did she convince her to perform (miracle) but made a trip out to see just two of her students perform and sat on stage with my little girl just to make her feel comfortable. Our very shy daughter said it was one of her favorite things she has ever done. So happy with the training and with the instruction she is given here and highly recommend it!”
Becky Lowe
“I love taking lessons here. I have a great teacher and have made a ton of progress! The entire business is set up to help the students succeed. The atmosphere is like no other academy in town. I recommend the Okemos Music Academy to my friends and family, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to begin learning music. If you want to begin developing a passion for music or hone the skills you already have Okemos Music Academy is the place for you.”
Eric Weihl
“I have heard many great things about Okemos Music Academy! They offer convenient hours, location and affordable rates for a wide variety of instruments and lessons. Look no further if you want to provide your children with a professional, positive music experience.”
Randy Randhawa
“My kids really like their teacher. They have learned a lot and have wanted to practice even MORE since starting to take lessons there. Appreciate the music theory instruction…so important!”
Lisa L
"Okemos Music Academy is awesome...huge thanks for finding fine tuning pegs for Lucy's violin (the little things that make a place not just good, but great and one of a kind!) Our children really love their instructors."
Julie Chapman